The Alternian Restoration League, or simply The Agency, is an organization intent on anihilating human and carapace life on Earth, so as to bring about the rebirth of Alternia: an Earth free of "alien" interference. It is highly structurized and well funded, so they are bound to succeed within time. Only if, however, no one opposes them, and this isn't the case, as the Rebellion and the TSPD are constantly setting them back.

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The Alternian Restoration Leauge (commonly reffered to as 'The Agency') Is a group headed by a sole person widely known as The Viceroy

It was founded in the year 2213 AD by Genkos Bizdek. The Headquarters is stationed in the North Prong, with its exact location generaly unknown to the public.


The Agency has a solid hierarchy that goes from the Viceroy to the low ranking soooooldier(I have no idea, someone revise this). Below we will cite all of the ranks, going from highest to lowest.

The ViceroyEdit

Genkos Bisdek sits at the agency's top chair. He is one of the prominent military leaders of Alternis, and manages the staff of the Agency. He delegates the bioweapon to Aratus, but endeavours to keep an eye on him nonetheless. It is his drive and ambition that power the ARL with his hatred of humans and carapacians driving the ARL's actions.

The SecretaryEdit

Vexzin Quoura  is Genkos's Secretary. She likes apples.

The SpymasterEdit

The Spymaster, Aratus Vyvane , works under pay for the ARL, and is primarily in charge of developing the League's bioweapon, as well as gathering information on other groups. He and Genkos don't tend to interfere with the other's plans, and they both harbor a degree of suspicion towards the other.

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Goals and PlansEdit

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