Cairos Tesran

Cairos Tesran


The Commissioner


22 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces o with 0

Strife Specibi



Jason Daniels - Coworker
Lynn Fey - Coworker



Born in 2225 AD,  Cairos Tesran was raised by a large gecko lusus,  whom he named approriately,  GECKODAD.  Throughtout his childhood,  it molded him into a prankster and dedicated sneaker whom runs the TSPD as the commisioner today.


Open minded and sometimes downright creepy,  Cairos finds it hard to relate with most people beyond the simplest of levels,  This explains why none of his quadrants are filled in the slightest,  much to his chargrin.  He also has trouble dealing with new situations with they spontaneosuly appear and catch him off guard.  he'll then proceed to flip out.  Not quite the best type of thought process for someone in his line of work,  but it does the job well enough.


Currently,  Cairos is crushing hugely on Cassandra Libski and Zora Convent.  Black-wise,  well,  read on.

  • With Cass,  it's a non-mutually acknowledged crush,  with the both of them being a positive influence on the other.  Teasing,  minor flirting, and just plain akwardness abound in their weird relationship.
  • As far as the Zora Convent side of his life,  it's the result of trying to recruit her for his own secret spy network.  His crush on Zora is a result of her plain zaniness and just craziness.  He tries to act professional,  but when he's around her,  blushes and stuttering are more than likely to happen.
  • Elizabeth Sweeny is a very new development in his quickly confusing life,  on the blacker side of things.  He finds himself constantly having to adapt to her changing actions and goals,  along with trying to deal with her improbably hard to understand speech.  She drives him crazy,  and he's beginning to think that she might be his new kismesis.  Which will create even more problems.


  • Named after the city of Cairo,  if you haven't noticed.