This wiki is a collection of information from the Homestuck roleplay known as Consume. Obey. Rebel.,  revolving around a battle between the Alternian Restoration League , the Tri-Species Police Department , and the Rebellion, set in the main capital of the post-scratch future earth, Alternis .

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General Editing GuidelinesEdit

  1. Only put down information that has been publicly revealed throughout the course of the RP. If someone isn't supposed to know it, don't put it in any article.
  2. The occasional typo is perfectly fine, the occasional bit of humor is fine, but remember that this is largely supposed to be informative, so make sure you're actually conveying information in a way that makes sense and is able to be read.
  3. Make sure and put everything in the proper categories! Characters for the Characters in general, ARL for anything at all that's related to the ARL, and so on.