Genkos Bisdek Day is a holiday created to celebrate the military (and general) accomplishments of Genkos Bisdek. During this day, a large blimp with a likeness of his face floats around Alternis, and vendors sell a bunch of random Genkos Bisdek merchandise, which include cookies, bobbleheads, T-shirts, stuffed animals, mugs and balloons. 

There is also a rather large party thrown every year on this day, it is generaly open invitation. The turnout, (as is expected for an open event) is normaly rather large, as all partygoers tend to enjoy the free food, drinks, and general atmosphere.  

Genkos himself detests the day, seeing it as garish and unneccesary. The speech he has to make every sweep is easily the low point of the sweep for him, because it NEVER GODDAMN CHANGES and he has to mouth SO MANY GODDAMN PLATITUDES.