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Anuran Walabi - Enemy
Leilah Neuros - Moirail

The Doggalo is a purple blooded troll known as Mr. (or possibly Reverend?) Gelert. A firm believer in the Messiah, The Doggalo has "proven" his dedication by modelling himself in the form of a dog - what he believes to be the most loyal of creatures.


Gelert is yet to tell much about his life. However, at some point he must have amputated his legs, attached on a robotic replacement, and started wearing his Robotic Mask. These parts give him a fearsome and disturbing appearance.


From what we have seen of the Doggalo, he does not appear to be inherently malicious and is indeed quite a gentleman.


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Known AugmentationsEdit

  • Improved Scent Trails
  • Robotic Dog Legs
  • Pawgloves
  • Internal Computer - has access to GPS.

Trivia Edit

  • His last name is inspired by the famous story of Gelert, a dog who saved a baby from a wolf attack only to be killed by the parent of the baby, thinking the dog itself had attacked the child. It is also in reference to Saint Gelert.
  • His first name was originally from Anubis, an old Egyptian god.
  • He was originally inspired by Vexzin's spontaneous barking in the skype forums.
  • The Doggalo and Anuran have been retroactively fitted into Wu Xing, the five Chinese elements. Each of them show common symbols of one of the elements, as well as certain symbols of their generating element.
    • Hachei represents Metal, through his mechanical appearance and robotics skills. He also shows traits of Earth, through his generally one-track and unchanging mind.
    • Hachei's Ancestor, Bloodjaw, represents Fire among the ancestors, the element which traditionally overcomes Metal.