A popular tea shop in Alternis, located in the Cerulean Cove. It is run by the mysterious Patron. It is a fairly old shop, having been there for around 30 sweeps. It offers every single kind of tea and coffee known, except for those which contain or are related to bananas in any way. 

The Silver Leaf is roughly a medium sized, 3 floor establishment, and seems to contain no other staff than The Patron and Illian Nostors. It is open most days in a week, though there are times where it is closed and empty for absolutely no reason. This is probably due to The Patron's odd schedule.

People tend to avoid The Silver Leaf on teausdays as that is when The Patron has her 'day off', and her assistant takes charge of the tea making. 


  • It's third floor is rumored to be residential.
  • It has a rooftop garden.
  • Some tea mixtures are said to have 'healing properties'.